Kimberly-Clark Australia was struggling to get their products on shelf to meet a major deadline.

Task’s A to Z project management resulted in...

> Product launch on time and budget

> Brand vision rolled out and press ready across 56 SKUs in 3 weeks

> Time consuming on site press approvals eliminated

> Final packaging quality that exceeded expectations


Problem 1: They had a tight deadline.

Kimberly-Clark was undertaking a major relaunch of the Kleenex toilet tissue and Viva brands in Australia. They knew there wasn’t enough time to complete all the elements of the packaging launch with the usual timeline and approach.

We developed an action plan that would bring the project from start to finish on time. We would strategically combine steps along the way, reduce the risk of errors and facilitate handoffs.


Problem 2: They had a time consuming approvals process.

Kimberly-Clark had a manual approvals process. Printed copies of PDFs were sent to stakeholders who commented on them by hand. Collecting, collating and tracking changes was time consuming and difficult.

The switch over to the K1 online approvals software enabled stakeholders to comment on a single file, eliminating collation and simplifying tracking. Our account manager kept the project moving along by managing the timelines, helping to avoid bottlenecks and hold ups.


Problem 3: They needed the rollout and pre-press delivered accurately and quickly.

We saved time in the process by conducting design rollout and pre-press at the same time. We successfully delivered the technical design for 56 SKUs within 3 weeks.

We worked with Kimberly-Clark’s printers to obtain all the press specifications needed to create press ready design files that were 100% error free.


Problem 4: They were worried about getting a consistent result across many printers globally.

Before working with Task, Kimberly-Clark would try to ensure quality by sending marketing staff on site to conduct press approvals.

We generated colour accurate, press ready proofs which simulated the expected result on press. Our technicians were on hand to work with the printer and resolve any technical issues.

Our new proofing technique eliminated the need to travel, saved time and money, and helped Kimberly-Clark achieve a consistent result.


Problem 5: They had tight deadlines for advertising and promotions.

Kimberly-Clark didn’t have time to wait for the finished printed packaging or photography needed for their promotions. They were hesitant about using mockups or digital renders because the colours had to be an exact match.

We were confident we could deliver because we colour map our finished artwork files. We delivered 20 colour accurate mock-ups that matched the final printed packaging.

We also produced photorealistic 3D renders of the new packaging for use on websites, point of sale displays and promotions. Our renders were delivered 80% faster and 50% less expensive than other suppliers.

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