Get the quality you were promised.

We control every component, ensuring you get the highest quality print every time.

Task delivers high quality packaging design and print services for outstanding product packaging and better shelf appeal.

The master packaging design may start out exceeding expectations, but each step can introduce new trade-offs and mistakes. All too often, the finished packaging doesn't meet expectations and the original brand vision is compromised.

At Task, we control every component, ensuring you get the highest quality print every time.

I know that I can trust Task. They always go the extra mile to make sure the packaging looks perfect.
— Georgina Vergunst, Retail Strategy Manager, Riviana

Common pitfalls causing poor packaging quality

Here are some common pitfalls that compromise quality.



Master design unsuitable for print.  


We ensure the printed packaging meets brand vision.

Our expertise and technical knowledge of the print process ensures packaging designs always print to meet expectations. 

We ensure a high quality, predictable printed result that meets your brand vision.


Quality trade-offs. 


We ensure quality isn't compromised.

We are accountable for the quality of the packaging throughout the process.

We prevent the issues that cause problems downstream.

the task approach

We deliver consistent packaging every time.

We tailor design files for each individual press, working with the most up-to-date press profiles.

This results in consistent packaging that is colour accurate every time, no matter the press used.

the pitfall

Printer press variations.

the task approach 

Next generation printing to improve packaging.

We identify, invest in and advise clients about new technologies that will improve their product packaging.

the pitfall

No time to research new innovations.