Asaleo Care wanted to see how new technologies could help them get better packaging and save them money.

Task’s next generation printing approach resulted in...

>  $100K savings on plates over 2 years

>  Ability to print new designs that weren’t previously achievable

>  Greater depth and brightness using half the amount of colours


Here’s the backstory...

Asaleo Care’s marketing team wanted to experiment with new imagery and update the designs of their packaging, but they were restricted by their current printing method.

They strived for the best colour depth and clarity possible within the current printing method. This required printing using 8 colours, which was expensive because each colour required another plate and more ink.

They knew decreasing the number of colours would save money, but would typically result in muddy colours and a poorer quality print.


Here’s how we approached it...

Our team of technical experts are on top of emerging technologies and advances in imaging systems.

We knew we could get a great result and use fewer colours by using a new imaging system. But technology alone was not the solution as it needed to be integrated into the printing process.


Here’s how we delivered it...

Over the weeks, we worked directly with Asaleo Care’s printers, testing different approaches and methods, adjusting along the way. After several trials, we had pioneered a new method that exceeded the original 8 colour result but only using 5 colours. We rolled out the proven approach across all of the Asaleo Care brands.


Here’s the results...

Reducing the number of plates from 8 to 5 resulted in savings of $100K over 2 years.

The new imaging system produced packaging with colours that are even deeper and brighter than before.

The new printing method allowed Asaleo Care to print imagery and designs that previously weren’t achievable.

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Gets to market faster
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Achieves brand vision and meets deadline


Improves quality
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