Task provides workflow management software to streamline the approvals process for your product packaging launch.

Approvals Management

Our approvals management approach keeps your project moving along without delay or mistakes.

> We provide workflow software so that stakeholders can review designs online, easily annotate comments, and view each other's feedback in real time. 

> All designs and suggested revisions are kept online in one place - eliminating the need for hard copy print-outs and time-consuming manual collation. 

> Track changes and versions easily with complete job history.

> Our project manager can help coordinate artwork approvals for you to avoid bottlenecks and hold ups. 

We can help you manage approvals to reduce the endless rounds of changes, reduce costs and get products on the shelf faster.


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Task always knows the fastest way to get things done. I can always trust them to get me to the deadline on time.
— Georgina Vergunst, Retail Strategy Manager, Riviana